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Integrating Indigenous perspectives into graduate research

The American Indian Graduate Program promotes  an intersectional approach to indigeneity. We ensure that graduate students are encouraged and supported in bringing Indigenous perspectives to their research, integrating diverse ways of knowing and inclusion of Indigenous methodologies and concepts of tribal stewardship, and enriching the diversity that defines the Berkeley graduate community.

AIGP assists Native and Indigenous graduate students throughout their academic career, providing mentoring, and connecting students with campus organizations and resources.

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AIGP provides direct one to one mentorship for students and can assist in helping develop additional programs and resources that support the Indigenous student experience.

AIGP mentorship trains and supports mentors by providing information related to mentoring, student resources, student socialization, cultural humility training, and culturally attuned practices for research conducted by AI/AN students.

AIGP assists in removing perceived barriers at UC Berkeley and coordinating campus resources that include faculty, staff and administrators who provide support in different areas of graduate education, from enrollment, student services, policy and research and teaching support.

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Native American campus organizations

A number of organizations exist on campus enabling Native and Indigenous students to build community. Native American Student Development lists additional opportunities.

The American Indian Graduate Student Association (AIGSA) provides opportunities for Native grad students to connect with other students, staff, and faculty who are Native or work in areas that impact Native peoples.

The American Indian Science & Engineering Society supports Native American students pursuing a STEM degree by building a community in collaboration with other ethnic groups.

The Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) is a community devoted to seeing Native people represented in the law, and the law working on behalf of Native people.

The Indigenous Native Coalition (INC-RRC) is a student organization that seeks to both recruit and retain Native students to Cal, while encouraging higher education to all Native students.

Meet with an AIGP Diversity Fellow

Diversity & Community Fellows work to create healthy communities for graduate students. For peer support, consider making an appointment with one of our AIGP Diversity & Community Fellows, Morino Baca or Geoffrey Bacon.

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