Exchange programs available at the graduate level include UC system intercampus, Berkeley-Stanford, and the Exchange Scholar program.

Intercampus Exchange within the University of California System

A graduate student registered on any campus of the University of California may go to another campus of the University as an Intercampus Exchange Graduate Student with the approval of:

  • the student’s graduate adviser
  • the chair of the department on the host campus
  • the deans of the Graduate Division on the home and the host campus

This privilege is available to graduate students who would like to associate with scholars or fields of study not available on the home campus, or who seek the use of special facilities and collections.

Download and submit the UC Intercampus Exchange Program Application (PDF) or contact the Graduate Degrees Office.

Students are encouraged to file the completed application at least three weeks before the first day of the term on the host campus. ( Note: Berkeley is on the semester system; other UC campuses are on the quarter system.)

An intercampus exchange student must register and pay fees on the home campus to have library, health services, and other student privileges on the host campus. Students should contact the University Health Services unit on their home campus for more information about using their health insurance away from their home campus. Exchange students are considered graduate students in residence on the home campus and are not formally admitted to the host graduate school and department. Unless specifically restricted, fellowship recipients may participate in the Intercampus Exchange Program.

Stanford-Berkeley Exchange Program

A graduate student with a superior academic record may participate in the Stanford-Berkeley Exchange Program and take a limited number of courses that are offered at Stanford but not at Berkeley. Berkeley students must obtain the approval of the Head Graduate Adviser in their major and the Dean of the Graduate Division. Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and have completed one full year of graduate study at Berkeley. Download and submit the Berkeley-Stanford Exchange Program Application (PDF) or visit the Graduate Degrees Office.

Students must register and pay the applicable fees at their home institution.

Exchange Scholar Program

The Exchange Scholar Program is designed to enable doctoral students with superior academic records to study at one of the participating institutions to take advantage of educational opportunities that are not available at Berkeley. Students are normally eligible to become an exchange scholar only after having completed one year in a Berkeley graduate degree program.

Students may take courses or conduct research with particular faculty at the host institution for no more than one year while remaining registered at Berkeley.

Participating institutions are Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale.

Download the Exchange Scholar Application (PDF) or visit the Graduate Degrees Office.