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GradPro is the campus Graduate Student Professional Development Resource Hub. Grad Pro supports students through all stages of exploring and preparing for a wide range of careers, within and beyond academia. GradPro also works with departments and faculty on developing discipline-specific professional development programming for graduate students.

GradPro for Graduate Students

Consultations: Graduate students can sign-up for a confidential, one-on-one consultation with a Professional Development Liaisons (PDL). The PDLs are peer advisors who are trained in career exploration and preparation topics. Whether you are curious about GradPro’s services and want to learn more, or are looking for resources on a specific topic, GradPro can help.

In a consultation, a PDL can provide support and resources on a variety of topics, including:

  • Creating an individual development plan
  • Making use of career exploration tools
  • Exploring career paths outside of academia
  • Preparing for careers
  • Time management and organization
  • Juggling multiple projects/priorities
  • Working with advisors and mentors
  • Professional networking
  • Developing new professional skills

Email Newsletter: Twice a month, GradPro sends an email newsletter, the Professional Development (PD) Digest. The PD Digest includes a helpful summary of professional and career development workshops, internships, and opportunities for graduate students, on and off campus. Subscribe to the PD Digest.

Professional Development Guide: The Guide assists graduate students in developing six core professional development competencies that will enable them to succeed in their degree program and careers. These competencies are writing and communication; teaching and mentoring; research and data analysis; leadership and collaboration; career exploration and preparation; and equity and inclusion. The Guide shows you how to intentionally develop these competencies through your degree program and through other campus and external resources.

Check-in Groups: GradPro hosts semester-long Check-In Groups that provide peer accountability and support in weekly meetings. In a Check-In Group, you will set weekly goals for yourself, reflect on your progress and challenges, and learn how to set realistic goals. Learn more about Check-in Groups and how to register.

Resource Lists for Students: GradPro maintains these lists of on- and off-campus resources and opportunities on a variety of professional development and career exploration topics, including time management, working with mentors, and exploring non-academic careers. Also included are resources for specific affinity groups, including womxn, BIPOC, Undocugrads, and FGLI students.

Workshops and Events: GradPro offers a rotating selection of workshops on topics related to career exploration and preparation for graduate students. As a Professional Development Resource Hub, GradPro also compiles information about professional development events and workshops hosted across campus. Learn more about the workshops GradPro and other campus partners offer.

GradPro for Departments and Faculty

GradPro offers guidance, resources, and programs to departments, faculty, and staff on a variety of graduate student professional development topics:

  • Best Practices for Departments: Explore departmental and faculty best practices for supporting graduate students’ professional development.
  • Needs Assessments: On request, GradPro can facilitate departmental needs assessment surveys, which are used to gather information about graduate student and postdoc professional development and career exploration goals, experiences, and needs.
  • Grants for Departments: GradPro offers small grants (up to $1,000) each year for departments to enhance their support of graduate student career preparation and exploration.
  • Request a Workshop: GradPro can facilitate workshops or presentations on a variety of professional development topics for courses, departments, and student groups.
GradPro for Departments and Faculty

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