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About Academic Student Employment at UC Berkeley

Academic Student Employment (“ASE”) can be an important source of financial support for eligible Berkeley graduate students. Most financial packages for doctoral students, such as multi-year fellowships, usually require academic student employment as part of the overall funding package.

Graduate students at Berkeley are most commonly appointed to the titles of Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), Graduate Student Researcher (GSR), Reader, and Tutor. Students must meet certain academic requirements and other eligibility criteria to qualify for graduate student academic employment. Graduate students are also subject to Graduate Council and Graduate Division policies regarding appointments to academic and staff titles, including minimum enrollment requirements and limitations on percentage of appointment.

The titles GSI, Reader and Tutor are covered by a labor agreement between the University and the United Automobile Workers (UAW). GSRs are not covered by this agreement, although university appointment eligibility rules apply to both ASEs and GSRs.