A Powerful Collection of Today’s Top Students

Being a graduate student at Berkeley means being a part of an energetic, dynamic group of people who are passionate, curious and committed to their areas of study. And it shows. Berkeley has more recipients of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships and the Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships than any other public or private institution.

Berkeley graduate students go on to join an impressive collection of alumni. Among them are:

20 Nobel Prize winners
30 recipients of the National Medal of Science
Founders of more than 250 companies.

But it’s not just the impressive list of accolades they carry — Berkeley graduate alumni are advancing knowledge in various areas of focus all over the world.

CED Masters of City Planning
View of Campus

A Location Like No Other

The entrepreneurial spirit our region is known for emanates across our campus. With ready access to top experts, national labs, Silicon Valley, and cutting-edge companies, Berkeley is a hub of innovation and exploration. And the view of the San Francisco Bay from our scenic, 1,200 acre campus doesn’t hurt either.

A Diverse, Welcoming, Collaborative Community

We take great pride in ensuring that our graduate students, who represent 106 countries and all 50 states, have a full yet balanced experience during their time here. Groups, clubs and organizations round out their academic experiences, and professional training opportunities are readily available. Our students enter into a community of support, guidance and fun, which we work hard to facilitate. And our family-friendly policies make our graduate experience attainable for all admitted students.

Journalism Grads
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Multidisciplinary Labs, Research Centers, Museums and Institutes All on One Campus

To name a few:

  • Institute for Integrative Social Sciences
  • Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute
  • Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing
  • Institute of East Asian Studies
  • Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics
  • Institute of Human Development
  • Townsend Center for the Humanities
  • Space Sciences Laboratory
  • Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
  • Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Unparalleled Resources and Opportunities

The University Library system, with 20 libraries and 11 million volumes and electronic journals, is the top-ranked research collection among public universities in the country.

Our students conduct research in every corner of the world — literally. International study and research opportunities include the Gump Field Station in French Polynesia; archeological expeditions to Jordan, Peru, Greece, Turkey and Israel; a Chinese immersion program at Tsinghua University in Beijing; city planning projects in China; and archival research in India and Pakistan.

The reach of our students’ work doesn’t end at the lab or field station. We offer extensive resources to help Berkeley graduate students transfer their inventions and ideas to the marketplace. The QB3 Garage@Berkeley is a network of modern biotech labs, where entrepreneurs can lay the foundations for new industries, all with the help of faculty. Berkeley Skydeck is a technology entrepreneurship center established to incubate, accelerate and expand the pipeline of start-ups. Every year, 10 to 20 companies are founded based on innovations and people from the Berkeley campus.

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