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Headshot of Lisa Garcia Bedolla
Lisa García BedollaVice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division

Student Profiles

Photo of two shoes

Christine Gregg and Chris Daily-Diamond

Untangling The Mystery Of Why Shoelaces Come Untied

Professor Oliver O’Reilly and two graduate students, Christine Gregg and Chris Daily-Diamond, have published a paper, in Proceedings Of The Royal Society A, titled “The roles of impact and inertia in the failure of a shoelace knot.”

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Photo of Kaveh Danesh

Kaveh Danesh

Kaveh Danesh is a PhD student in the Department of Economics. Before coming to Berkeley, he attended Duke and Harvard Universities; received Fulbright and National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate fellowships; served on Duke’s Board of Trustees; and interned as a writer at The White House. He is currently studying poverty and inequality.

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Rebecca Brunner

As a tropical field ecologist with a background in conservation policy and education, Becca researches strategies that aim to benefit both biodiversity and the livelihoods of local people. Originally from a small cornfield town in Illinois, she has lived and worked in many jungles around the world. She currently researches the nexus of ecosystem services and conservation, as well as synergies between biodiversity and human health.

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Katya Cherukimilli

Katya Cherukumilli, an environmental engineering graduate student at UC Berkeley, won first place in the Designing Solutions for Poverty contest for her super-low-cost approach to groundwater purification in India.

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photo of Lauren Sofen

Laura Sofen

Laura Sofen was thrilled to return to Chemistry in “one of the strongest graduate programs in the country, with opportunities I couldn’t find anywhere else,” she says. Her acceptance package also said she’d been selected to receive the Joe Lurie Returned Peace Corps Gateway Fellowship, which would cover her fees and tuition, provide a stipend, and include free room and board at International House for a year.

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