Inclusive Excellence in Quals Prep Program

About the Inclusive Excellence in Quals Prep Program

The Inclusive Excellence in Quals Preparation (IEQP) program aims to prepare graduate students for their qualifying exam by building a sense of community, providing a support system, and creating an environment where students feel valued and capable of achieving their goals.

Program Components

In 2015, the National Science Foundation Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (NSF AGEP) California Alliance conducted a wide-ranging survey of graduate students across STEM. (Fisher et al., 2019) The goal was to pinpoint ways to improve the success of PhD students, and eventually increase diversity in STEM leadership positions. Survey results showed that minority students, who felt less prepared than their peers, were most likely to excell if they felt that they were prepared for their graduate courses, accepted by their colleagues, and enrolled in a structured PhD program. Furthermore, authors found that feeling accepted in STEM mitigates feelings of distress, and leads to higher perceived success and higher subjective well-being.

The IEQP Program will prepare students for success in graduate school and beyond by helping them prepare for their qualifying exam and building a community of support.