Berkeley Graduate Student Profile 2021-22

UC Berkeley is famed for the breadth, depth, and reach of more than 100 graduate programs in 14 schools and colleges. Our passion for critical inquiry, debate, discovery and innovation is informed by a deep commitment to contributing to a better world. Nearly all first-year students cite the outstanding reputation and quality of their graduate program as important in their decision to enroll at Berkeley. Typically, half of admitted applicants choose Berkeley over other offers. View our Graduate Student Profile brochure as a PDF.

Rankings and other measures of excellence

Overall UC Berkeley rankings can be found here.

U.S. News and World Report

Yet again U.S. News & World Report ranked UC Berkeley as the number 1 public university in the nation.

The new “Best Global Universities Rankings” of U.S. News & World Report placed UC Berkeley fourth in the world. Only Harvard, MIT, and Stanford ranked higher.

In the new rankings, Berkeley’s graduate programs placed first in the world in English, history, psychology, and sociology; second in chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, and statistics. Nine other subject areas ranked in the top 10.

  • 1st – English, History, Psychology, Sociology
  • 2nd – Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Statistics
  • 3rd – Biological Sciences, Clinical Psychology, Engineering, Public Policy
  • 4th – Economics, Political Science
  • 5th – Social Welfare
  • 7th – Biostatistics
  • 8th – Business (#2 in Part-time MBA), Public Health
  • 9th – Law (#1 for environment law, intellectual property law, and business corporate law)

Academic Rankings of World Universities

New global rankings place UC Berkeley at the pinnacle of public universities on the U.S. and fifth overall in the world. The 2021 Academic Rankings of World Universities is an assessment of 500 top institutions around the globe by the ShanghaiRanking Consultancy. 

Among 54 subject areas, Berkeley ranked first in the world in chemistry and sociology, second in materials science and statistics, and third in computer science and engineering and electrical and electronic engineering.

In addition, Berkeley ranked fourth in economics, and fifth in computer science and engineering and ecology.

Berkeley Stands Tall in World Reputation Rankings

The six “most powerful global brands” in the U.K. publication’s annual World Reputation Rankings lists UC Berkeley in the Top 10 universities in the world with Oxford at the top, followed by Stanford, Harvard, California Institute of Technology, MIT, University of Cambridge and then Berkeley.

Graduate Alumni Satisfaction

Berkeley doctoral alumni, surveyed 5 to 45 years after graduation, report very high level of satisfaction with their graduate education and the value of their Ph.D.s:

  • 90% overall (and 85% of those who pursued non-academic careers) say they were well prepared for their careers by Berkeley
  • 95% overall (and 93% of those who pursued non-academic careers) would pursue a doctoral degree again
  • 86% would select the same field of study
  • 95% would choose graduate study at Berkeley if they could start again

The Berkeley Graduate Profile is produced by the Institutional Research and Communications units in the Graduate Division

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