Choosing your program

Congratulations on taking the first step towards pursuing graduate school! We welcome all prospective students to apply to a UC Berkeley graduate program that best matches their career and research goals.

At Berkeley, there are more than 100 graduate programs, and many span interdisciplinary areas of study. We offer 3 types of graduate degrees: master’s, professional, and doctoral. A master’s and professional degree is typically 1-2 years and provides in-depth, career-oriented learning beyond your bachelor’s degree. A doctoral degree can take from 4-7 years to complete and is heavily research-focused.

It’s important to find the right fit for your interests and research areas before you start your application, as applicants may apply to only one single degree program or one concurrent degree program per application term.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the steps you should take if you’re not yet sure which program is right for you.

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Virtual Graduate Admissions Fair

Berkeley’s annual virtual Graduate Admissions Fair is hosted by the Office of Graduate Diversity and Graduate Admissions. Learn more about the application process, funding opportunities and get a chance to meet departments in your area of interest. 

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Browse Programs

Start by visiting our graduate programs to browse programs that Berkeley offers.

Visit our program list webpage

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Do your Research

Visit the webpages for each program you might be interested in to read about the curriculum, learning outcomes, program length, student and alumni profiles, ways to fund your education, department’s goals, and more.

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Reach out to the Program

If you’re trying to decide between several different graduate programs at UC Berkeley, contact your program of interest’s admissions staff and/or faculty, and ask questions to determine the best fit.

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Select your Program

Once you have selected your program, it’s time to start compiling your application materials. Each program has slightly different application requirements and may require slightly different statements or supporting materials than another. It’s important to review these materials closely before you start your graduate application so that you can best understand the timeline for requesting recommendations, writing your statements, and submitting any relevant test scores.

Start Your Application

Once you've decided on a program, start your graduate application!

Graduate Application