Prospective Undocumented Graduate Students

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Residency status questions when applying to UC Berkeley

Why Graduate School?

Statement via Alberto Ledesma, PhD, UC Berkeley (Former Undocumented Graduate Student)

According to the latest research, a majority of undocumented students who have chosen to brave the stresses of graduate college experience do so because they want to help their families. These students understand that in getting a graduate degree they are not only opening doors into the professions, they are also acting as role models for other family members, advocating for their communities, and making a significant social impact by equipping themselves with the ethos that comes when one has advanced academic credentials.

The few students who have succeeded in getting accepted into programs also report that their success is due to their academic performance in their undergraduate programs, the advocacy they received from key mentors, connections to activist organizations, and the knowledge they have gained as undergraduates in demystifying the graduate application process. Below, we offer a few points of advice that may assist you as you are thinking about applying to graduate school. As always, please note that these points of advice are offered as general observations and not as a rigid prescription. To get into graduate school, the main requirement is that you have the desire and opportunity to work towards that goal.

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