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The Graduate Division is committed to expanding the diversity of Berkeley’s graduate student body and creating an inclusive environment where all graduate students have the tools, resources, and community of support they need to thrive.

To all of our current graduate students from underrepresented populations, and those considering graduate studies at Berkeley, we want you to know that you belong here.

Diversity is essential to the Berkeley graduate experience, and our community is enhanced by the participation of students from all backgrounds, identities, abilities, and ways of thinking. We use “diversity” broadly to refer not only to underrepresented demographics and protected classes, but also to be inclusive of the experiences of disabled students, LGBTQ+ students, undocumented students, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and first-generation college students.

We work with all graduate programs across campus to build equity and inclusion, improve the campus experience and academic outcomes, and create an academic environment that welcomes, enriches and supports all students. Our focus is on the whole student — we advocate for, guide, and assist graduate students from the moment of admission to the completion of your degree requirements.


The Office for Graduate Diversity

The Office for Graduate Diversity (OGD), led by Dr. Denzil Streete, is an integral part of the Graduate Division at UC Berkeley. OGD provides support services specifically focused on the needs of underrepresented prospective and continuing graduate students on the Berkeley campus. In addition, it provides a forum for ideas and programs designed to enhance the educational experience of underrepresented students, including those who are undocumented, first generation college students, and those who are educationally and financially challenged.

Visit the Office for Graduate Diversity to learn more.

Graduate Diversity Initiatives and Programs

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Graduate Diversity Task Force Recommendations 2020

In September 2019, the university formed a Graduate Student Diversity Task Force to assess, develop, and implement a coordinated campuswide strategy to expand the diversity of the Berkeley graduate student body. Over the past nine months, this committee evaluated evidence-based research and set forth preliminary recommendations. The Task Force released its recommendations in July, 2020. See the full list of recommendations.

Fall 2020 Anti-Racism Initiatives

In July 2020, the Graduate Division announced a set of concrete initiatives, focused on areas within our purview, that would begin to address Black students’ needs and move us toward becoming the anti-racist, truly inclusive institution we need to be. These initiatives, including fellowships, awards, and department partnerships, are not an endpoint, but rather the beginning of an iterative, co-constructed effort. See the full list of initiatives.

AIGP student groupAmerican Indian Graduate Program (AIGP)

AIGP seeks to overcome barriers that prevent American Indians and Alaska Natives from applying to graduate programs at UC Berkeley by identifying, contacting, and encouraging interested individuals regarding Berkeley’s programs and the process of admission. Learn more.

McNair Scholars Program

The McNair Scholars Program is committed to fostering the academic self-efficacy of marginalized, low-income, first-generation, or otherwise underrepresented students who are often academically disenfranchised. Each year, up to 30 McNair Scholars are selected to participate in the program, which takes place throughout the Spring semester and subsequent Summer. These 30 students are given a generous stipend, support from faculty mentors and the McNair Staff, and the opportunity to pioneer their own research. Learn more.

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At Berkeley, we challenge the status quo and make discoveries that reshape the future. Our students develop their own voices and stand up for what they believe. They find community in a place where diversity of all kinds is celebrated, nurtured, and valued. Graduate students like you make this place hum!

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