These three offices support graduate students as they develop the skills and experience to succeed academically and prepare for future careers.


GradPro is the campus Graduate Student Professional Development Resource Hub. Grad Pro supports students through all stages of exploring and preparing for a wide range of careers. GradPro’s services, programs, and resources help students to develop vital professional competencies and skills in order to succeed in their academic programs and launch careers within and beyond academia. GradPro also supports departments and faculty in creating professional development programming for graduate students. [email protected]

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Graduate Writing Center

The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) helps students develop the writing skills needed to complete their graduate programs and prepare for the writing they will do in future careers. The GWCoffers workshops on academic writing, grant writing, dissertation writing, editing, and preparing articles for publication. The center also offers one-on-one consultations, the Graduate Writing Community, writing groups, boot camps, and a graduate-level course on academic writing, GSPDP 320. [email protected]

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Graduate Student Instructor Teaching & Resource Center

The Graduate Student Instructor Teaching & Resource Center (GSI-TRC) prepares graduate students for teaching at UC Berkeley and for the teaching they will do in future careers, within and beyond academia. The GSI-TRC offers teaching conferences, workshops, seminars, consultations, classroom observations, grants, awards, an online teaching guide, and a web-based course on professional standards and ethics in teaching. The center also provides language testing, specialized courses, and consultations for current and prospective multilingual international students at UC Berkeley. [email protected]

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