This guide is intended for use by faculty and staff graduate advisors. It presents policies governing the sequence of steps involved in completing a graduate degree at Berkeley and procedures to implement them.

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Policies by Topic

A. Introduction

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B. Admission

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C. Diversity

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D. Registration Policies and Exchange Programs

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E. Coursework, Grading, Probation and Dismissal

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F. Degrees

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F1. Master’s Degrees

F1.1 Degree Plans

F1.2 Academic Residence Requirement for a Master’s Degree

F1.3 Concurrent Master’s Degree Programs

F1.4 Unit Credit for the Master’s Degree

F1.5 Advancement to Candidacy for a Master’s Degree

F1.6 Master’s Thesis (Plan I)

F1.7 Comprehensive Final Examination (Plan II)

F1.8 Completion of Courses for the Degree

F1.9 Master’s Time in Candidacy

F2. Doctoral Degrees: Policies Prior to Advancement to Candidacy

F2.1 Doctoral Degrees with a Designated Emphasis

F2.2 Academic Residence Requirement for a Doctoral Degree

F2.3 Program Review Requirement for First-Year Students

F2.4 Foreign Language Requirement

F2.5 Preliminary Examinations

F2.6 Qualifying Examination

F2.7 Qualifying Examination Results

F2.8 Advancement to Candidacy for a Doctoral Degree

F2.9 Normative Time and Calculation of Normative Time in Candidacy

F3. Doctoral Degrees: Policies Governing Doctoral Candidates

F3.1 Doctoral Completion Fellowship (DCF)

F3.2 Dissertation Plans A and B

F3.3 Final Report

F3.4 Candidate in Philosophy Degree

F3.5 Annual Review of Doctoral Candidates

F3.6 Reduction in Nonresident Tuition

F3.7 Lapsing, Reinstatement, and Termination of Candidacy

F3.8 Planning for the Dissertation

F3.9 Faculty and Student Interaction During the Dissertation Process

F4. Policies Affecting Both Master’s and Doctoral Students

F4.1 Time Limits on the Use of Courses for Degrees

F4.2 Change or Add a Major or Degree Goal

F4.3 Duplication of Graduate Degrees

F4.4 Submitting the Thesis or the Dissertation in a Foreign Language

F4.5 Faculty Committees for Higher Degrees

F4.6 Academic Senate Status

F4.7 Configuration Requirements for Higher Degree Committees

F4.8 Role of the Committee Members

F4.9 Exceptions to Policies on Committee Membership

F5. Student Records

F6. Graduate Council Student Parent Policies

G. Financial Assistance

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H. Appointments

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I. Glossary of Terms

Policy Memos