N.B.: Discontinuance refers to the elimination of a graduate program for a degree, designated emphasis (DE), or certificate. Disestablishment refers to the elimination of an academic unit (e.g., graduate group). If a degree is discontinued, then the graduate group that offers it should be disestablished, too, unless if offers a DE or other academic credential.

  1. The faculty should discuss discontinuance of the degree at a department meeting.
  2. The faculty should vote on the proposed discontinuance at a faculty meeting and record the vote.
  3. Contact Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Linda Song in the Graduate Division to develop the request.
  4. Contact Graduate Admissions to freeze admissions.
  5. Announce the closure of the program to matriculated students.
  6. Compile a list of currently enrolled students. Include the following for each student:
    • name,
    • student ID number,
    • year matriculated at UCB,
    • requirements that need to be met, and
    • anticipated date of completion.
  7. If required by the college, then the college’s executive committee should vote upon the request.
  8. The department chair and/or dean should sign and submit the request to the Dean of the Graduate Division in care of the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. The request should include the following:
    • the proposed date of discontinuance,
    • a rationale for the decision,
    • the tally of the faculty vote and date it was conducted,
    • confirmation that all students have been informed of the proposed discontinuance and its timing, and
    • a description of the arrangements being made for each student so that she/he can earn a degree.

Next steps in campus review:

  • See section D1.3 of the Berkeley Compendium for details of process.
  • Once the Graduate Dean endorses the proposal, it will be forwarded to the Graduate Council for review.
  • Once the Graduate Council endorses the proposal, it will be forwarded to the Committee on Budget and Interdepartmental Relations and the Divisional Council (DIVCO) for review.
  • Once DIVCO approves it, it will be forwarded to the Vice Provost for Academic Planning for review.
  • The Vice Provost for Academic Planning will notify the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA) and UCOP of the decision. CCGA or UCOP may raise questions or concerns, but approval is final if they have none.