University of California, Berkeley


ARTICLE 1: Purpose

The Graduate Group in Name shall establish and administer a graduate program of instruction and research leading to the Ph.D. in Name.

The interdisciplinary and diverse nature of academic and research interests of the faculty participating in this program provide the student with a broad scope of educational opportunities. The appointment of an Executive Committee to monitor the activities of the doctoral program in Name Graduate Group, as described in Article 3, assures rigorous training for all students pursuing the Ph.D.

ARTICLE 2: Membership

Membership in the Graduate Group is open to faculty of affiliated PhD programs who are actively engaged in teaching and research in the program’s various sub-fields and who wish to join the Graduate Group. Members of the Graduate Group are appointed by the Dean of the Graduate Division. New members are considered for membership in the Graduate Group upon submission of a curriculum vitae to the Chairperson, listing their qualifications and stating reasons for seeking membership, and subject to approval by the Executive Committee. Membership shall be reviewed periodically by the Executive Committee, at which time inactive members may be recommended to the Dean for removal from the membership list.

ARTICLE 3: Executive Committee

The administrative leadership of the Graduate Group shall be vested in an Executive Committee consisting of [# – usually five] elected members, one of whom is the Chair who also serves as Chair of the Graduate Group. Members of the Executive Committee will be elected from among the membership. Executive Committee members must belong to the Academic Senate. The Executive Committee will choose and recommend one of its members to the Graduate Dean for appointment as Chair of the group.

Nominations to the Executive Committee shall be made by the Nominating Committee. Nominations by any member of the Group will also be included in the slate of candidates submitted to the membership. Election of the Executive Committee is by mail ballot and shall be completed by at least 3 weeks before the end of the spring semester. Votes cast electronically via e-mail are acceptable. The term of office will be two years following selection. Election results shall be announced to the membership by mail. Newly elected members shall assume their duties on July 1. In the initial election following approval of the Group, the three members receiving the largest number of votes shall serve a two-year term, the others a one-year term. The existing Executive Committee shall fill interim vacancies in its membership by appointment.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once every semester to discuss issues of concern to the NAME Graduate Group. The principal responsibilities of the Executive Committee are:

  1. To review faculty membership for the Graduate Group and maintain a list of active members to be annually reported to the Dean of the Graduate Division.
  2. To review affiliation of affiliated PhD programs and make appropriate recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate Division.
  3. To appoint the standing committees described in Article 5 below and other ad hoc committees as needed, and to recommend graduate advisors to the Dean of the Graduate Division.
  4. To conduct administrative and clerical matters related to the activities of the Graduate Group.

The Chair of the Executive Committee shall serve as the Chair of the Graduate Group and shall represent the Graduate Group membership in official matters pertaining to the program. The Chair of the Graduate Group and the Chairs of the affiliated PhD programs shall meet at least annually to discuss administrative, instructional, and research resource needs.

ARTICLE 4: Curriculum and Program Standards


[Statement concerning the advising structure for students in the Graduate Group.]


[General description of what the program curriculum will consist of …

These will be determined by the Curriculum Committee as described in Article 5. ]

Qualifying Examination

[Statement that the QE will examine for breadth of knowledge and what the committee composition will be.]


[Statement concerning the committee composition.]

Degree Conferral

The Ph.D. diploma will be conferred with the designation “Doctor of Philosophy in Program Name.”

Program Evaluation

Evaluation of the academic quality of the program will be conducted within the course of Graduate Council’s graduate group review cycle.

ARTICLE 5: Other Committees

The following committees will be appointed by the Executive Committee and have the following responsibilities [note length of term and minimum number of members]:

Admissions Committee

  1. To review, and recommend for approval, graduate student applications to the program.
  2. To review student admissions requirements and make appropriate modifications.
  3. To collaborate with the affiliated PhD programs in the recruitment of graduate students.

Curriculum Committee

  1. To review course requirements for the program and make appropriate additions and deletions to the list of relevant courses.
  2. To review Qualification Examination and Dissertation requirements and make appropriate modifications.
  3. To develop recommended areas of specialization.

Nominating Committee

  1. To propose a slate of candidates for open positions on the Executive Committee in the annual election.

ARTICLE 6: Financial and Space Commitments

Statement concerning specific commitments of associated academic units to the graduate group for the following (letters of commitment from the appropriate dean/chair should be attached):

a. administrative staffing

b. space provisions

c. any student support above Graduate Division block grant (e.g., GSI slots)

d. student access to core courses offered by other academic units

ARTICLE 7: Meetings of the Graduate Group Membership

At least [#] meeting(s) of the general membership of the Graduate Group shall be held each year. The Chair shall call a special meeting whenever requested by written notice from [#] or more members. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with generally accepted procedures. At meetings, [#] current members of the Graduate Group shall constitute a quorum. Minutes of each meeting shall be the responsibility of the Chair and shall be distributed to the membership following the meeting.

ARTICLE 8: Amendments

Approval of changes in these by-laws shall require a two-thirds majority of the votes cast. Proposed changes shall be submitted to the membership of the Graduate Group by electronic mail ballot or for vote at a meeting, provided that written notice of the proposed changes is submitted to the members at least one week prior to the date of the meeting. Votes cast electronically via e-mail are acceptable.

[Date of adoption]

Rev. 2/19