NB: Discontinuance refers to the elimination of a graduate degree program. Disestablishment refers to the elimination of an academic unit (e.g., graduate group). If a DE is discontinued, then the graduate group that offers it should be disestablished, too, unless if offers a degree or other academic credential.

  1. Consult group bylaws to determine who has authority to recommend discontinuance/disestablishment and who must approve the action. If the group has no bylaws, then the executive committee should inform the group’s core members in writing of the considered action.
  2. The executive committee (or whatever group is authorized by the bylaws) should meet to discuss the future of the program and group.
    • Consider freezing admissions (determine when this will take effect).
    • Update the list of core members if necessary.
    • If the group is proposing to disestablish itself, then that action should be included in the discussion.
  3. If the group wants to proceed with discontinuance/disestablishment, then the appropriate body (e.g., executive committee) should conduct a vote in accordance with the group’s bylaws. Record the date and outcome of the vote.
  4. Contact Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Linda Song in the Graduate Division to begin preparing a request for discontinuance/disestablishment.
  5. Announce the freezing of admissions on the website and contact all academic units that participate in the DE.
  6. Inform students and faculty of the decision. Confirm with each student that she/he wishes to earn the DE and confirm details of a plan to ensure that each student can earn the DE and that there is an advisor who can sign the Final Report for the Designated Emphasis Form.
  7. Compile a list of currently enrolled students. Include the following information for each student.
    • Name, student ID number, home department, year matriculated at UCB, year added DE (confirm that students have submitted the appropriate eForm to Graduate Division), and anticipated date of completion.
    • List requirements and note which students have completed each requirement.
    • Note a plan of action for completion of the DE, including when each student will meet remaining requirements, which faculty will be a member of the qualifying exam committee and the dissertation committee, and who will sign the Final Report for the Designated Emphasis.
  8. Submit the request to the Dean of the Graduate Division in care of the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. The request should be signed by the group’s chair and outline the following.
    • The request, including the proposed date of discontinuance,
    • A rationale for the decision,
    • The date and outcome of the faculty vote,
    • Confirmation that all students have been informed of the proposed discontinuance and its timing, and
    • A description of the arrangements being made for each student who has not yet earned the DE.

Next steps in campus review:

  • Once the Graduate Dean endorses the proposal, it will be forwarded to the Graduate Council for review.
  • Once the Graduate Council endorses the proposal, it will be forwarded to the Divisional Council and the Vice Provost for Academic Planning for their information.
  • The Vice Provost for Academic Planning will notify the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA) and UCOP of the decision.