A Summer Reading List for Professional Development

Summer reading is a dedicated market for popular literature, and it’s also an umbrella term for graduate students looking to catch up on disciplinary reading outside of the traditional semester. You may already have an academic reading list for this … Continued

Upcoming Trainings Opportunities for GSIs

Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) continues to offer workshops to support remote, hybrid, and in-person instruction which are open to all instructors and GSIs. Review upcoming workshops below and visit AIS upcoming events for all future events: Maximizing Media Production for Student Engagement (5/18) … Continued

Explore Career Options and Plan Using ImaginePhD

Are you a doctoral student in the humanities or social sciences? Are you thinking about what you’d like to do after your PhD and wondering how to explore your options? Do you have ideas of long-term goals but not sure … Continued

The Power of Informational Interviews

Career planning as a graduate student can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re interested in multiple career paths. Investigating and exploring what’s out there is something you can do alone, but a powerful way to save time and gain first-person insight … Continued

Demystifying Networking

To many grad students, the concept of networking has all sorts of negative connotations — it’s uncomfortable, vague, unnecessary, even fake or disingenuous. However, regardless of your goals, networking is integral to effective career planning, as it gives you the … Continued

What Can a GradPro Consultation Do for You?

One of the scariest and most paralyzing elements of being a grad student can be the implied expectation that you already know everything — you already know how to study, how to write, how to teach, how to find a … Continued

Meet Our Professional Development Liaisons 

Graduate student interns are here to help you build skills, succeed in your program, and launch your career! The Graduate Division would like to introduce this semester’s Professional Development Liaisons, known as PDLs. Established in Fall 2018, the Professional Development … Continued

Acknowledging the Work of Outstanding GSIs

Teaching in Berkeley’s academic departments as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) is an invaluable professional development opportunity. Being recognized as one of the University’s finest is an outstanding achievement.

“Start Now, and Start Small”

Tips and first steps for career exploration recommended by the Beyond Academia conference’s speakers, panelists, and attendees!

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Beyond Academia Conference — 3/1 – 3/2/2018

The Beyond Academia conference features panels on a variety of career tracks that will provide you the opportunity to interact with successful and creative professionals.

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How to Conquer the Job Talk — 12/1/2017 

After months of anxious silence, the voice on the other end of the phone says, “We’d like to invite you for an on-campus interview…and of course we’re all looking forward to your Job Talk.” Your stomach clenches…