GSPDP 301, Effective Mentoring in Higher Education

With the variety of courses being offered in the Spring 2024 semester, it can be overwhelming to figure out which to take. We encourage you to enroll in GSPDP 301, Effective Mentoring in Higher Education. This seminar will help guide graduate students as they mentor undergraduates at Berkeley, work in the context of a mentoring relationship with their graduate advisers, and prepare for the mentoring they will do in future academic and non-academic careers. The course will consist of readings, face-to-face and online discussion, short assignments, and an applied component of mentoring. Graduate students at various stages in their programs have found this course beneficial as a way to develop their own mentoring skills and to enhance the mentoring they receive from faculty.

Course Information:

GSPDP 301: Effective Mentoring in Higher Education (1 unit)

Tuesdays, 3:30-5:00 p.m., 309 Sproul Hall

Class # 29874

Instructors: Sabrina Soracco (Director, Graduate Writing Center) and Linda von Hoene (Assistant Dean for Professional Development; Director, GSI Teaching & Resource Center)

Quotes from Student Evaluations:

I have gained confidence, skills, and the tools to become a better mentor and to also have established expectations of how I should be mentored as an individual. I feel as if I am rich in resources that will provide me with the capacity to dive deeper into what it means to be a good mentor and to give to other people who are starting out as new PIs. I am also leaving with tangible products (ie mentorship statement, evaluation criteria) that I can use and adjust wherever I go. I now start my mentee relationships with a mentorship agreement and I wouldn’t have thought of that before.

I’ve definitely gained more confidence in myself as a mentor, and I feel way better prepared for thinking and acting with intentionality in my mentoring relationships than I did before this course. This course inspired me to make certain choices in my interactions with my mentees that I think were beneficial to all of us.


This course gave me a comprehensive overview of important topics that are needed for successful mentoring. I gained insight into mentorship as both a theoretical as well as a professional field. I had no idea there was so much research out there on mentorship methodology and studies on its techniques and effectiveness. I also think I now have an edge in the job market thanks to the training I received in this course.