Science at Cal is getting into the full swing of in-person programming again, with plenty of upcoming events including talks, the Bay Area Science Festival, and more on the horizon! With each in-person event we add to our calendar, we find more opportunities for our community of Science at Cal supporters to get involved! Whether you’re a UC Berkeley scientist or a member of the public, there are several ways to volunteer with Science at Cal.

  1. You can present during one of our many public talks, including Grounds for Science, our graduate student series.
  2. You can also join us in the community (at festivals, farmers markets, First Fridays, etc.) and interact with the public through hands-on activities, meet-the-scientist booths, citizen science projects, etc. (This is a great option for folks who are interested in sharing their science but may suffer from good ol’ fashion stage fright!)
  3. We can always use an extra pair of hands during live events e.g., help with set-up and break-down, run check-in booths, help photograph or run tech, etc. 

We invite you to fill out our volunteer interest form to express your interest in volunteering at future Science at Cal events!