Ben Gould

Meet Ben Gould: Berkeley Mayoral Candidate

Ben Gould, a 2nd year dual-degree student pursuing Master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering and in Public Policy, announced his intention to run for mayor of Berkeley.

SAGE-IGERT Fellowship Program — 10/19/15

The SAGE-IGERT Fellowship Program supports technology developments that will enable the conservation generation, or storage of clean energy, as well as innovative…

A springful of great lectures

The University of California, Berkeley, sponsors a variety of public lectures. The lectureships present eminent scholars, Nobel laureates, and prominent figures to the University and San Francisco Bay Area community. Graduate Council and Tanner Lectures are free and no tickets are required.

Occupy Cal

An extraordinary season: resources for comprehending the issues and events of recent weeks at Berkeley

Berkeley was not in its accustomed position at the cutting edge of the vanguard. Quietly conceived by Canadian and Spanish activists, the Occupy movement against economic and social inequality was born as protests in Kuala Lumpur in July before it reached Wall Street in New York and several sites in San Francisco in September, and city landmarks in Oakland and San Jose in the Bay Area and many locations worldwide in October.