Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program (CMU Portugal) is calling for applications for six doctoral scholarships to start in 2019–2020 focusing on cutting-edge areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Upon the Ph.D. program completion, graduates receive two degrees, one from CMU, and another degree from the partner university in Portugal. All courses are conducted in English, both in Portugal and at Carnegie Mellon. Scholarships are available on a competitive basis. The scholarships will fully support the tuition fees and will provide a monthly stipend while at CMU and the Portuguese University, for a duration of up to five years (three years in Portugal and two years at CMU).

Here is the  list of Dual Degree Ph.D. Programs available through the CMU Portugal Program, and their respective application deadlines:

  • Computer Science – December 10, 2018 (Noon EST) 
  • Robotics – December 10, 2018 (Noon EST)
  • Software Engineering – December 10, 2018 (Noon EST)
  • Language Technologies – December 10, 2018 (Noon EST)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering – December 31, 2018 (Noon EST
  • Engineering and Public Policy – December 15, 2018 (Noon EST)

The CMU Portugal Program has a decentralized application process for admission in which each Ph.D. program manages its own application process. Applications are submitted directly to CMU. To apply please visit the Admissions and Scholarships page on the CMU Portugal Program website.