October 28, 2019

Dear Students,­­

Due to the disruption caused by repeated power outages on campus and potentially unhealthy AQI levels, we write to announce a temporary blanket exception to the policy that only one member of a Qualifying Exam committee may participate via Skype or other videoconferencing software, and only with advance approval by the Graduate Division (see Absence of Committee Members for policy). This exception will be in place for fall 2019 and applies retroactively to exams that had to be cancelled due to the October 9-11 power outage.

We know how stressful Qualifying Exams and filing deadlines are under the best of circumstances. So, for the remainder of the fall semester, if necessary to avoid academic disruption, the Graduate Council has determined that as many members as necessary may participate remotely in Qualifying Examinations. Please note all other policies related to the exam apply, i.e. all members must attend the entire exam, all members must sign the QE report form, and the Chair (or GSAO) must submit results to the student and the Graduate Division in a timely matter, etc.

If you wish to use this method for conducting a QE this fall, for administrative recordkeeping please ask your GSAO to attach a memo within the eForm system documenting how the exam was conducted, i.e., which members were physically present, which faculty if any were with the student, and any other relevant information about the logistics of the exam. Please note that students who might need accommodations to be able to sit for a QE remotely should consult DSP.

We also intend to extend the Fall 2019 degree filing deadline into January 2020. The final deadline for Fall 2019 filing will be determined and announced later in the fall when the campus knows more about the number of missed teaching days and other academic extensions we might have this fall due to unforeseen events. The current Fall 2019 Filing Deadline is just before curtailment (December 23-January 1), so please watch your email and the Graduate Division deadlines closely for information about receiving Certificates of Completion in advance of curtailment if desired, and for information about deadline extensions due to power and other disruptions.

Please be certain to stay healthy and safe during these challenging times.

With best wishes,

Lisa García Bedolla

Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division