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Temporary-Blanket-Exception-to-QEs-MEMO-2020-March11-April15-Dec14-June29Revision to Enrollment Requirement for Plan II Master’s Students to File for Summer Degree - MEMO - April 19, 2021Normative Time and NRST Waiver Extensions-MEMO- February 3, 2021Information Regarding Funding Undocumented Students, Including New Admits and Current Students - January 27, 2021Revisions to Doctoral Completion Fellowship Eligibility and Stipend Cap Policy - January 22, 2021Updates to Graduate Council Policies for the 2020-21 Academic Year - Dec. 10 2020Comprehensive Review of Applicants for Graduate Admission and Fellowship Nominations_2020-November-19Temporary-Policy-Revision-Regarding-Part-Time-Enrollment-for-Graduate-Students-MEMO-2020-August17COVID-19-Normative-Time-Milestone-Exams-Filing-Fee-Status-MEMO-2020-May-11Updates to Stipend Cap and Work Restriction for Graduate Division Fellowships-MEMO-2019-January-7Comprehensive Review of Applicants for Graduate Admission and Fellowship Nominations MEMO_2019-December-6Higher Degree Committee Policy Changes-MEMO-2019-August-29Funding-for-Undocumented-Students-CHART-2019-August.pdfUpdated UGSI Appointment Policy-MEMO-2019-May-16Follow up to Oct 9, 2018 memo about funding for Undocumented Grad Students Comprehensive-MEMO-2018-December-21Comprehensive Review of Applicants for Graduate Admission and Fellowship Nominations-MEMO-2018-December-18Undocumented Applicants for Graduate Admission-MEMO-2018-October-9Funding-for-Undocumented-Students-CHART-2019-AugustSummer Enrollment & Degree Filing-MEMO-2018-September-25Summer Enrollment & Degree Filing-MEMO-2018-September-25New Policy on the Combination of Multi-Year Fellowships-MEMO-2018-May-23Stipend Cap and Work Restriction for Graduate Division Fellowships-MEMO-2018-May-23Counting Coursework for Different Degrees (PhD vs. master’s)- MEMO-2018-February-28Comprehensive Review of Applicants for Graduate Admission and Fellowship Nominations-MEMO-2017-December-1Graduate Admissions Deferral Policy-MEMO-Fall 2018Comprehensive Review of Applicants for Graduate Admission and Fellowship Nominations-MEMO-2016-December-1Policy Clarification on Filing Fee and University Funds-MEMO-2016-October-28Understanding for Appointment of Undergraduate GSIs for EECS-MEMO-2016-July-1Graduate Council Revision to DCF Policy-MEMO-2016-May-17Policy on Appointment and Mentoring of GSIs-2016-May-2Admissions Policy for Former or Current Berkeley Students-MEMO 2016-April-18Parenting Leave for Graduate Students with Re-Enrollment-MEMO-2016-April-14Changes to Lapsing of Candidacy Procedures for Doctoral Students-MEMO-2016-April 8Revisions to Graduate Council Policies for Qualifying Exams and Dissertation Committees-MEMO-2016-March-8Comprehensive Evaluation of Applicants for Admission and Fellowship Nominations, and the Role of GRE Scores-MEMO-2015-December-14Filing Fee MEMO 2015-April-8Conferral of Graduate Degrees in Summer MEMO 2015-April-8Filing Fees for Graduate Degree Conferral in Summer MEMO 2015-April-8GSR appts in Self-Supporting Degree Programs MEMO 2015-April-6Stipend limits to Grad Div Fellowships Memo 2015-February-11ASEs in Self-Supporting Degree Programs Memo 2014-December-19GRE Studies Annotated Bibliography 2014-December-5Appointment of Undergraduate GSIs for EECS Memo of Understanding 2014-September-12Undocumented Students and Teaching Memo 2014-September-9Deferral of Admission Memo 2014-July-23TOEFL Scores Memo 2014-July-10Deferral of Admission Memo 2014-May-2GSR Appt Dates 3266 Fee Remission Memo 2014-April-28 Dissertation Embargo Policy MEMO 2013 December 2In Absentia Registration Memo 2013-December-6Policy Change re Late Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) Appointments Memo 2013-October-10Online Academic Progress Report Memo 2013-September-27Advising Students Eligible for the Doctoral Completion Fellowship Memo 2013-September-17Dates Admit Decisions Memo 2013-August-11GCGSI Mentoring Revised Memo 2012-March-5 Comprehensive Evaluation of Applicants for Graduate Admission Memo 2012-January-10Partial Fee Remission for Undergraduate Teaching Assistants Memo 2008-March-10Partial Fee Remission for Undergraduate GSIs Memo 2008-March-10 Minimum Enrollment Requirements for Graduate Students Memo 2007-May-1Filing for Graduate Degrees in Summer Session Memo 2007-May-1Parental Accommodation Memo 2007-March-1GC Faculty Mentoring Grads Memo 2006-March-6 CITI Requirement for Advancement to Candidacy Memo 2005-December-15Admission and GSI Appointment Scores on the iBT/Next Generation TOEFL Memo 2005-November-8Graduate Council Student Parent Policies (Revision of May 1998 Statement) Memo 2003-September-1Modification of the Oral English Competence Testing Policy Memo 2003-May-29Applicant Ranking Memo 2002-September-16Qualifications for the Appointment of Undergraduates as Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) Memo 2002-May-28Revised Filing Fee Regulations Memo 2002-April-5Late-ASE-Appointments-with-Modified-Start-Dates-MEMO-2002-February-13New Testing Policy for the Oral English Competence of Graduate Student Instructors Memo 1999-December-1Late Changes in Study List for Graduate Students Memo 1998-October-22Graduate Council Student Parent Policies Memo 1998-May-15Graduate Council Student Parent Policies Memo 1998-May-1GSI Mentoring Dept Memo 1998-March-9 GCGSI Mentoring Policy Memo 1997-March-18New Procedures for Final Report Memo 1990-March-15Dissertation Signature Final Memo 1989-November-22Academic Progress Evaluation, Academic Standing, and Appeals Procedures for Graduate Students Memo 1982-November-1Download/Printhere