GradPro offers a limited number of small grants (up to $1,000) each year to departments to run career preparation and exploration opportunities for graduate students. A preference is given to funding the development and implementation of new programs and events, and programs and events that foster faculty participation. Applications for these grants are accepted on a rolling basis and should be submitted no later than one month prior to the event or program. However it is strongly recommended that applications for events or programs be submitted the semester prior to the event or program date.

Grant Application Requirements

Applications must be submitted by a faculty member, although graduate students are encouraged to work with faculty to develop a grant proposal. The program, event, or resource funded must be available to all students in the department.

The use of grant funds should be informed by the professional development needs and experiences of students in the department. The purpose of this requirement is to make sure current student experiences and needs inform professional development efforts undertaken by your department. If your department does not have a formalized way to collect input from students, GradPro recommends that departments take part in a needs assessment facilitated by GradPro. Learn more about GradPro facilitated needs-assessments.

Departments that receive grant funds will be asked to provide a brief summary report after the funded project has been completed.

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Eligible Grant Expenses

Events, programs, and resources that grant funding can be used for include, but are not limited to:

  • Alumni career panel (for nonacademic careers or both non-academic and academic careers)
  • Workshop or panel on other professional development topics (e.g., job negotiations, converting CV to resume, transferable skills)
  • Creation or updating of alumni career list (including academic and non-academic careers) that is accessible to students and faculty
  • Creation or updating of section of department handbook or wiki pertaining to non-academic and academic job search
  • Development of unit devoted to professional or career development topics in a required seminar for students (often called a “proseminar”)
  • Development of mock-interview program for academic and non-academic jobs, including feedback from faculty

The grant funds can go towards expenses such as speakers fees or honoraria, refreshments and food, costs for event materials, or payment for student organizers.

GradPro will respond to all applications within one month of the application submission date. If you have any questions, please contact GradPro at [email protected].