Online Resources for Student Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to found a buzzy startup or just starting to explore ideas for an innovative social venture? There are a wealth of resources available to you online, many of which were highlighted at the recent Spring 2018 summit on academic entrepreneurship at Berkeley, (Un)Tapped Potential.

Whatever your background, and wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, there’s an online resource that’s perfect for you. Check out the suggestions below, or contact Linda Louie, the Graduate Division’s Professional Development Resource Coordinator, for more information.

Entrepreneurship Roadmap
“Roadmap for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Berkeley,” from the Berkeley Gateway to Innovation (BEGIN).
  • Just starting to explore: If entrepreneurship is a brand-new concept to you, you might want to check out some of the free online courses available on the Lynda Online Learning Platform. Examples include Entrepreneurship Foundations (2 hours and 20 minutes) and Finding and Testing your Business Idea (43 minutes).
  • Roadmap for entrepreneurship and innovation at Berkeley: The Berkeley Gateway to Innovation (BEGIN) should be your first stop for information about entrepreneurship resources at Berkeley, ranging from new venture education, to accelerators, to funding. The site offers a directory of information about how to become an entrepreneur, where to find seed funding and legal advice, how to recruit teammates, and where to locate office space.
  • Practical training: Immigrants Rising provides resources, knowledge, and financial support for immigrant entrepreneurs, regardless of legal status, at any stage of their journey. They offer free online resources that can help entrepreneurs of any background.
  • Get ready to found: If you’re starting to think about the legal dimensions of founding a startup, check out a free, two-hour online workshop for founders from Startup@BerkeleyLaw called Startup Law 101.
  • Accelerate and incubate: If you’re ready for an incubator, accelerator program, or boot camp, make sure you check out the many programs that Berkeley has to offer, subscribe to their newsletters, and get their fall deadlines on your calendar! Here are some you might want to bookmark: