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Graduate student life is filled with demands: teaching, research, writing, and more broadly preparing for a career after your degree. You may feel like you’re alone in dealing with these obligations, or that it’s your own responsibility to identify solutions to issues you come across on your own.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Graduate Division is committed to your success and provides a variety of resources to support your professional development and to help you succeed in grad school. One powerful resource are one-on-one consultations, which offer more individualized help than a workshop and allow for immediate feedback tailored to your needs.

A one-on-one consultation is a personalized meeting (usually 30 minutes to an hour) with a trained expert who will answer your specific questions, address your concerns, and connect you to further resources. Whether you’re a new student curious about resources and programs on campus, a post-QE candidate needing help planning out your dissertation, or a graduate student developing a teaching statement for the academic job search, a one-on-one consultation can help you!

For support in your work as a Graduate Student Instructor: book a Teaching Consultation facilitated by GSI Teaching & Resource Center staff or peer Teaching Consultants. Use the  Graduate Student Instructor support form to book an appointment.

For support with writing: book an appointment with one of three Graduate Writing Consultants (trained peer writing advisers from Berkeley doctoral programs). Schedule a consultation using the Writing support form.

For support with professional development, connection to resources, planning, and preparing for a future career: book a consultation with GradPro facilitated by a trained Professional Development Liaison. Fill out this form to request an appointment.

Take some time this fall to consider your needs and interests and how a one-on-one consultation can support you!

About the Author: Alicia Roy holds a Ph.D. in German from UC Berkeley and is a Hitchcock Postdoctoral Fellow in the Graduate Division.