Graduate student interns are here to help you build skills, succeed in your program, and launch your career!

The Graduate Division would like to introduce this semester’s Professional Development Liaisons, known as PDLs. Established in Fall 2018, the Professional Development Liaison program brings together six Berkeley graduate students from various academic programs who work to connect graduate students and departments to resources that support graduate student professional development and career preparation.  

Funded by the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Services and Fees (CACSSF), Professional Development Liaisons (PDLs)  assist Linda von Hoene, Assistant Dean for Professional Development, in creating new initiatives for graduate professional development within the Graduate Division. The PDLs also serve as outreach partners to individual academic departments so that departments can achieve their self-identified professional development goals and develop more extensive resources for their students.

The PDLs are also available to meet individually to help graduate students build skills, succeed in their programs, and launch their careers. Each PDL brings different experiences and skills to their new role. Graduate students can make an appointment with a Professional Development Liaison today, or contact with questions about the PDL program. 

Chris HyunChris Hyun

Department: Energy and Resources Group (ERG)

I believe grad school gives us an opportunity for advanced-level exploration and discovery—of course in scholarship but also in terms of our personal lives. GradPro gives me a chance not only to discover more things about myself, but also to help other grad students with their life pursuits while they journey with us here at Cal. One of my goals as a PDL is to help develop a year-long workshop curriculum through GradPro that addresses professional development needs across campus so that we can empower grad students to more clearly conceptualize what they want to pursue in life and how they can contribute to society. I am also interested in developing programming that significantly supports the success of underrepresented minority, first-generation, and LGBTQ+ grad students.”

Ashvini Malshe

Department: Journalism (J-School)

“My interest in professional development stems from my desire to build meaningful relationships with groups and individuals across campus, who seek to empower graduate students from a variety of backgrounds. My goal as a PDL is to help graduate students achieve their professional goals, and do so in a way that addresses their individual needs. I want to help my peers gain a balance between their academic and professional lives, and I hope to offer resources that will guide them to prioritize themselves, while also successfully navigating their time at Cal.”

David BrattDavid Bratt

Department: East Asian Languages & Cultures

As a humanities Ph.D. student at Cal, I have learned so much from the many workshops, conferences, and training sessions related to professional development at Berkeley. I joined GradPro to help further develop these resources, and to help individual students decide how best to leverage the many opportunities that are available to them. I am especially interested in exploring how Ph.D. students at Cal can use internships, externships, and other forms of experiential learning to diversify their professional competencies and learn about different careers.”

Brittani KaiglerBrittani Kaigler

Department: Social Welfare

“My interest in professional development comes from my desire to connect and build relationships with students, faculty, and staff. I am interested in exploring the best way to support my peers on their journey with professional development. I aim to support and provide perspectives of underrepresented students here on campus. I’m excited to collaborate with different departments to contribute to resources that are equitable and inclusive of all graduate students.”

Alicia Roy

Department: German

“My journey to GradPro started when I started exploring campus resources for myself and when I joined the student group Beyond Academia two years ago. Being a part of the Beyond Academia team was a crash course in professional development partners and resources on campus and in the Bay Area. As a late-stage graduate student in my department, I am passionate about improving connections to these resources for graduate students. I am particularly interested in working with departments to to change the culture regarding nonacademic careers and career preparation to make every grad student feel empowered and positive about their lives after the degree.”


Anthony Magdaleno

Department: Development Practice

I became interested in professional development because, as a non-traditional student from an under-represented population, I have had to navigate and put together a variety of resources. from my beginnings as a community college student to where I am now as a graduate student at UCB. My goal is to extend those same resources and opportunities that are plentily available to those that need them but do not know where exactly to look.”


About the Author: Ashvini Malshe is a Master’s student in the Graduate School of Journalism, and a Professional Development Liaison with the Graduate Division.

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