The World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) is now accepting applications for research grants. Scholars and graduate students with a focus on “wood and culture” in ongoing projects as well as new initiatives are encouraged to apply. The proposals will be evaluated on their originality and scholarly excellence by a group of professionals from various disciplines.

The WWDF is an US-based nonprofit organization that dedicates to raise public awareness of wood as an eco-friendly material and its significant role in world history, inspires academic research and promotes responsible wood usage for a sustainable future. By carrying out its missions, the WWDF supports interdisciplinary and integral investigation for exploring how wood has played a prominent role in human life. “Wood and Culture” is a broad and encompassing theme that encourages a wide range of academic research. We cordially invite all those who are interested to elaborate on the topic and participate in the great undertaking.

The deadline is Monday, February 12, 2018 at 17:00 GMT. Find more information at The World Wood Day Foundation (WWDF) website.

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