The Graduate Assembly (GA) is hiring a basic needs officer and a wellness officer, both of which are paid positions under the GA Campus Affairs Vice President’s office. The GA is looking for applicants interested in working on projects related to supporting and advocating for the well-being of graduate students across the university. The stipend for these positions is $1,000 per month.

Basic Needs Security Officer

The Basic Needs Security Officer coordinates and oversees advocacy efforts to address the short- and long-term basic needs security (i.e. security in housing, food, childcare, and healthcare) for academic and professional graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley. To this capacity, the BNS Officer works closely with the Basic Needs Center to provide a critical graduate student perspective on the direction, accessibility, promotion, and creation of services. Other campus partners include: the Student Advocate’s Office, PATH to Care, and others.

Graduate Student Wellness Officer

The Graduate Student Wellness Officer seeks to address issues that can affect the well-being of graduate and professional students within the campus community. It carries out this mission in partnership with the GA Wellness Center—serving as the student representative of the center—as well as other GA Projects. The types of issues that this GSW officer advocates for include, but are not limited to: maintaining and expanding comprehensive medical health services; mental health services and resources; and the promotion of wellness and wellbeing across the campus community. This position’s advocacy regarding health and wellness also involves serving on numerous committees to sustain and enhance graduate student resources. The programming of GSW officer is intended to give graduate and professional students tools to overcome challenges faced at UC Berkeley, and balances campus advocacy and program development.

How to apply

To apply for either position, please submit a cover letter explaining your interest in the position, relevant experience, and programming or advocacy ideas you would like to implement if offered the position, and CV, including contact information for one reference. Documents can be submitted via email to Campus Affairs Vice President Chief of Staff Cathy Hu at [email protected]. Please include in the email header, [GSW Application] or [BNSO Application]. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.