Graduate students face unique challenges whether they are adjusting to the demands of their program, teaching, taking comprehensive exams, working on their research or involved in a job search. Now is the time to think about your emotional wellbeing and overall health.

Common stressors for graduate students are:

  • Balancing relationship/family/school
  • Difficult advisor relationship
  • Anxiety related to oral exams
  • Research/teaching/pressure to publish
  • “Imposter Syndrome”
  • Social isolation
  • Immigration/visa issues
  • Departmental politics
  • Sense that life is “on hold”
  • Disillusionment with chosen field/path

Resources that can help include:

Anonymous screenings for mental health

Dealing with stress in graduate school:

Information on depression and what to do if you or others are depressed
(includes“Just in Case” phone app)

Guide to helping a distressed undergraduate student

Depression awareness and suicide prevention training
Brief online training available on the University Health Services website,