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How do we build movements to defeat mass incarceration and the climate crisis? At the community level, how do we make sense of both of these crises and advance solutions that don’t compromise one for the other? What are narratives that can inspire transformation and build alliances across different organizations and issues? We have been focused on these questions over the last few years and are ready to share some insights and tools.

Join us virtually on Wednesday, March 27 at 10am PT as we share a beautiful, animated video, a curriculum for facilitating workshops and planning sessions related to transformative narratives and collective visioning, and a report related to just world creation. These tools were made for community education, organizational change, and coalition building – especially for organizers and advocates focused on racial justice, climate justice, abolition, mass liberation, and building bridges across movements for transformative change.


Date & Time

March 27, 2024
10:00am - 11:00am


Online via Zoom




Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley

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