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Join City Teaching Alliance, Thursday March 28th from 7-8pm est, as we proudly present “A Teacher Like Me: The Impact of AAPI Leaders in Urban Education.” This program is an illuminating virtual celebration of the invaluable contributions of AAPI educators in shaping our classrooms and communities.

In a world where diversity and inclusion are paramount, the need for AAPI representation in urban education has never been more pressing. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of representation and explore the profound impact that AAPI educators have on students’ lives, classroom dynamics, and the broader educational landscape.

Through insightful discussions and firsthand accounts, we will highlight the unique perspectives and experiences of AAPI educators, shedding light on their role in fostering inclusive learning environments and promoting cultural understanding. Whether you’re an educator, student, community advocate, or simply curious about the powerful impact of AAPI representation, this event promises to be an eye-opening exploration of diversity, equity, and inclusion in education.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and inspiration from AAPI leaders in urban education. Register now and be a part of the conversation as we collectively strive to build a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

Date & Time

March 28, 2024
4:00pm - 5:00pm


Online via Zoom




City Teaching Alliance

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