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While graduate students do not need to become experts in how students learn, a basic understanding of the research on learning can enable GSIs to make informed teaching decisions. Drawing on research findings from neuroscience, anthropology, and cognitive and social psychology, this workshop will enable GSIs to consider ways to apply research-based principles to the learning environments they create for their students.


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*This workshop fulfills a requirement for the Certificate of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.

In order to receive credit for the Certificate of Teaching and Learning: 
  • Arrive punctually and attend the entire meeting.
  • Complete the attendance form at the end of the session (the platform does not notify you that your attendance was recorded but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us).
  • For attendance tracking ease, we ask that you use your given name as your display name in Zoom.

Date & Time

March 29, 2021
9:00am - 10:30am




GSI Teaching & Resource Center

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