Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Winners Announced

The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship recently named five UC Berkeley School of Optometry students and one School of Public Health student as this year’s recipients. Ka Yee So won for her proposal to employ a bilingual, telemedicine approach as a screening … Continued

A optometry sudent covers a young students right eye and performs an eye exam.

Schweitzer Fellowship Continues at Berkeley

Albert Schweitzer Fellowship has consistently chosen UC Berkeley health-focused graduate students to provide health care to the medically underserved.

Optometry Nicaragua

Berkeley Optometry’s 20-20 Vision for Doing Good

This marks the 13th consecutive year that Berkeley Optometry students have joined Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) in providing eye care to the under-served community. For Cal’s doctors-in-training, the four-day service trip is a true eye-opener.

Optometry’s cheerful greeter

This jolly bronze of optometry pioneer Meredith Morgan, seasonally attired at the end of last year, is normally capless — but equally genial — as it stands at eye level, day in and day out, in the lobby/reception area of the School of Optometry’s Minor Hall clinic.