Graduate Professional Development (GradPro, the Graduate Writing Center, and the GSI Teaching & Resource Center) provides resources and programs that enable master’s and doctoral students to develop the skills they need to succeed in their academic programs and launch their careers, whether in or beyond academia.

GradPro Professional Development Resources and Programs

GradPro serves as a resource hub to help master’s and doctoral students learn about and navigate professional development resources both in and beyond the Graduate Division. Through its workshops, check-in groups, confidential consultations, and the Professional Development Guide, GradPro assists graduate students in identifying and developing skills that will help them succeed in their programs and prepare for careers. GradPro also works with faculty and departments in their role of supporting graduate student professional development.

The GradPro online calendar features workshops, conferences, talks, and events sponsored by GradPro and campus partners that aim to build skills for various careers.

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GSI Teaching & Resource Center

The Graduate Student Instructor Teaching and Resource Center prepares graduate students for teaching at Berkeley and in future academic and professional careers.

Offerings include fall and spring teaching conferences; workshops on teaching; the online course, Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching; a Certificate of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; confidential consultations on teaching and on preparing teaching materials for the academic job search; electronic resources, including the Teaching Guide for GSIs; grants and awards for GSIs and their faculty mentors; the Language Proficiency Program for international GSIs; and seminars for faculty on teaching with GSIs.

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Graduate Writing Center

The Graduate Writing Center assists graduate students in developing the academic and professional skills necessary to successfully complete their graduate degrees and to prepare for future academic and professional careers. Offerings include workshops on academic writing (grant writing, thesis/dissertation writing), editing, and publishing; writing groups; and confidential consultations.

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