Dear Cal Supporters and Alumni,

headshot of person's nameI want to express my profound gratitude for the generous support you’ve provided to Berkeley’s Graduate Division. Your generosity has enabled our graduate students to better navigate and overcome the challenges of this past year. It’s been a joy to see our graduate students back on campus and share in their excitement as they are able to be in community with their fellow students.

Equally exciting is witnessing the progress we’ve made toward building a more diverse and inclusive graduate community where all students feel welcomed and supported.

This past summer marked one year since we launched an innovative set of initiatives designed to serve our underrepresented graduate students. I’m thrilled to report that the programs we established — now in their second year — are thriving and making an impact. Our Path to the Professoriate Program saw a three-fold increase in participants and our second annual Graduate Diversity Admissions Fair in October had over 3,200 participants, helping to make certain the most promising prospective students apply to graduate school at Berkeley.

Your gifts to the Graduate Division are what make these achievements possible — and, thanks to your support, we look forward to the growing breadth and impact of our efforts.

With many of our graduate programs ranked first in the world, we must do all we can to sustain Berkeley’s academic excellence. I recently announced an ambitious goal to provide five-year funding guarantees to all of our doctoral students starting with our fall 2022 entering class. This plan recognizes the vital role graduate students play in advancing our public mission and provides them with the financial security necessary to do their best work.

Your generous financial support is what makes achieving these bold and ambitious goals possible. I welcome your ideas and look forward to partnering with you in the coming year to make certain that all our graduate students have access to the knowledge, resources, and services they need to thrive at Cal.


With gratitude,

Lisa García Bedolla
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division