I am thrilled to join the Graduate Division as the Professional Development Resource Coordinator of the newly formed Graduate Professional Services (GPS). GPS — with a physical presence in 309 Sproul Hall and a virtual presence at grad.berkeley.edu/gps — acts as a hub and catalyst for professional development activities (some of which have been initiated by graduate students) that are offered across our campus.

I am glad to see professional development recognized as a major component of a complete graduate education, and I am committed to serving the professional development needs of the thousands of graduate students at UC Berkeley.

For the past year, I worked in the Department of Music here at Cal. Earlier, during both my undergraduate and graduate programs, I studied music and, as you can guess, it isn’t the easiest task in the world to secure a stable job as a musician. As a doctoral student myself at UCLA, I found it was vital for my own professional goals to explore multiple career paths and develop many of the same skills and competencies that are furthered through the variety of resources available at Cal.

I am now pleased to serve as a gateway for GPS, assisting Berkeley’s graduate students in navigating the campus’s professional development resources. One of my major tasks is to make daily updates to an events calendar that highlights upcoming workshops pertaining to professional development.

I truly look forward to working with the many talented students, faculty, and staff here at Berkeley. Please feel free to stop by my office at 307 Sproul or email me at [email protected].

And even though I attended UCLA, I am happy to say: GO BEARS!!!

Best regards,
Daniel Zimardi

Here are a few examples of upcoming professional development workshops offered on campus:

Exploring Career Opportunities: Designing Your Life, a PhD Panel Discussion
One of many Career Center offerings about exploring the multiple career opportunities available to graduate students.

Using discourse analysis to analyze social media data with Anna Hoffman
An advanced knowledge and data management workshop offered by D-Lab on working with social media data.

2016 Beyond Academia Conference
A two-day intensive conference full of workshops and panel discussions relating to careers outside of the academy.

For a complete list of professional development events see the calendar.