UC Berkeley sponsors a wide variety of public lectures, many of them grouped into distinguished series. The lectureships present eminent scholars, Nobel laureates, and prominent figures to the University and San Francisco Bay Area community. The Graduate Division is proud to present the Graduate Council and Graduate Division Lectures.  If you missed the recent fall lectures in these series, you’re in luck! Most of them are now viewable online. Take a few minutes to watch videos of lectures and interviews featuring:

  • Distinguished sociologist Theda Skocpol
  • Prominent scientist and entrepreneur Jeff Hawkins
  • Leon Wieseltier, well-known American writer, critic, and longstanding literary editor of The New Republic
  • Coming soon: recognized economist and Macarthur Fellow Emmanuel Saez

Some of our recent lecturers have been in the news lately:

  • “Opportunity, a Mars Rover Past Its Best-By Date, Keeps Going”— An article in the New York Times featuring recent Hitchcock lecturer and astronomer Steven Squyres
  • A New Nobel Laureate. News about past Hitchcock lecturer and cell biologist Sir John Gurdon