In the 1970s, the Berkeley campus was, a veteran faculty member told a concerned new assistant professor, “not a loving institution.”

It’s come a long way, baby.

The neophyte of long ago who told that anecdote, George Breslauer, has now been on the faculty for 39 years and is now executive vice chancellor and provost of the campus. At the end of April, he was telling just how much change there’s been, to an audience that was endorsing the change by its presence. The event was a joint honoring of faculty members for their extraordinarily helpful mentoring of grad students — an activity that has always been rare, but until the last ten years or so was also relatively invisible and almost completely unrewarded.

This event was a joint ceremony by the Graduate Division and the Graduate Assembly to present mentoring honors, each with a set of three awards.

Here’s the from-which and to-whom:

The Graduate Division’s Sarlo Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Awards

Senior faculty winners:
Louise Fortmann, Professor of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
Kent Lightfoot, Professor of Anthropology

Junior faculty winner:
Mark Healey, Assistant Professor of History

The Graduate Assembly’s Distinguished Faculty Mentoring Awards

Lisa Barcellos, Associate Professor of Public Health
Tsu-Jae King Liu, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Nicholas Paige, Associate Professor of French