Rosemary Joyce
Rosemary Joyce

Dear Graduate Students,

You may have read the recent campus-wide announcement of the appointment of the next Dean of the Graduate Division. Fiona Doyle, Professor of Mineral Engineering, will begin her new post on January 1, 2015. Currently the Executive Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, Professor Doyle has held many academic and administrative leadership positions since coming to Berkeley in 1983. She is highly respected for her broad experience, collegiality, and deep commitment to student welfare. Please join me in welcoming her in the new year.

As the Interim Dean of the Graduate Division this past half-year, I have enjoyed the opportunity to deepen my involvement with various projects close to my heart. Some are behind-the-scenes measures. For example, the Graduate Division staff member you deal with now may be different: we’ve assigned individual staff to work with each graduate program, so they can better understand the particular experiences typical in your discipline. Other efforts are higher profile, such as the SMART Program (one of whose projects was recently noted in The New York Times), and making our resources more visible and our websites more useful to you. And some are ongoing: look for a new Graduate Professional Development website and staffed center to begin operation in the fall 2015 semester.

During spring 2015, I will resume my long-standing role as an Associate Dean, along with Associate Deans Susan Muller and Jill Stoner. We all look forward to continuing to serve and support UC Berkeley’s matchless graduate community.

Meanwhile, I wish you a productive conclusion to your semester. May the holiday break bring you rest and refreshment.


Rosemary A. Joyce
Interim Dean of the Graduate Division
Professor of Anthropology