Dennis Ducro is a 26 year old MBA Haas student from Antwerp, Belgium. He can be best described as a weekend warrior with a strong desire for adventure. He skis, rock climbs, backpacks, and surfs, so Dennis was very excited when he found out about the Adventureship pass at Cal Adventures.

Image of Dennis Ducro sailing in the bay with Cal Adventures
Dennis Ducro

Dennis watched sailboats going out every weekend from the window of his Berkeley Hills apartment. He thought, “I have to try it and experience what the Bay has to offer.” Once Dennis heard about Cal Adventures from a friend he quickly got involved. “So far, I have used the pass to attend four weekends of sailing classes (Beginner and Advanced) and I took a 2-day class on sea kayaking. It has been great to learn how to sail, and I especially like the free rentals during the year. I go out sailing when it suits me and practice what I learned in class. Next up is windsurfing! It has been a while, so I’ll probably attend a Cal Adventures class to refresh.”

Dennis says his favorite activity thus far is dinghy sailing since he can bring friends along for a tour of the San Francisco Bay. “It’s a great feeling to play with the wind and feel its power. With all the gear and instructors in place, Cal Adventures is a perfect place to start.”

Start your own adventure and check out the classes and clinics, including: Paddle Boarding, Rock Climbing, Sailing, Wind Surfing and Sea Kayaking. Adventureship Passes go on sale for students in August. Cal students receive over 50% off. Members of the Recreational Sports Facility receive a 10% discount on outdoor adventure classes!

Free Kayak Rental!

Bring a friend down to the UC Aquatic Center for 1 free hour of kayaking. Mention the “eGrad free kayak rental” upon arrival.