uc pathThere is a big change in the payroll system coming on March 30th — UCPath

UC Path is a single payroll, benefits, HR, and Academic Personnel business system for all campuses in the UC System available on your computer, phone, or tablet. It will:

  • Replace the current HR and Payroll systems
  • Provide one-stop employee self-service (UCPath Online)
    • Deliver improved online access to personal information & leave accruals for employees
  • Improved reporting on employee data across the UC System
  • Common practices across UC locations in payroll, benefits, HR and Academic Personnel

How and When to Access the UCPath Online Portal

  • Access from the home page of the Berkeley UCPath website
  • Access 24/7 from a laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Login with CalNet authentication

With UCPath Online you can:

  • View your new Employee ID (upper left corner of home page)
  • View Pay Statement, starting with April 2019
  • Sign up for additional direct deposit accounts (up to 3 total)
  • Managers/Supervisors can see direct reports and their job-related information, including position numbers and vacant positions

Of special interest to graduate students

  • Changes to GSI Pay Rates
    Berkeley’s GSI pay scale and system-wide scale has historically differed slightly due to rounding differences over time. To avoid having to manually adjust thousands of records, UC path has adopted the system-wide scale for GSI I and GSI II positions. This will result in a slight pay increase for GSI Is and IIs. Berkeley’s scale for GSI III and GSI IV positions, will stay the same as it is higher than the system-wide scale. Changes are effective March 1, 2019, and will be reflected in the first UCPath issued paychecks. Visit this page for more information on GSI pay rates.
  • Dual FLSA appointments have been managed so that students with multiple job will have only one FLSA status (Exempt or Non-Exempt). This data clean up was done by the UC Berkeley campus to avoid issues when we convert to UCPath.
  • Information will be coming soon about how Readers & Tutors will report their time. This message will come from several of our campus partners (Central Payroll, Berkeley Regional Services, ITS). 

Where to Report a Pay Issue

If you have an issue with your pay, follow the process you normally would go through (below). If you are unsure of the region you belong to, use the Region Finder Tool. For BAMPFA, Cal Performances, and International House (I-House), contact your local HR team.

  • Call the First Contact Team (FCT) at (510) 664-9000 or email at: [email protected]
  • Open a ServiceNow ticket by going to service-now.com/ess/hr_catalog.do and use the tool to “Get HR Help”
  • Contact your HR Partner, HR Generalist, or Research Administrator (RA) or Academic Personnel (AP) Analyst directly

Where to get help with UCPath Online Portal — Self-Service Users (All Employees)

Quick Stop Support will be available in-person April 1 – April 26 at the following locations:

  • University Hall — Room 192 (Central Human Resources)
  • Tang Center — Reception Desk
  • RSSP — 2610 Channing, 2nd floor
  • ASUC MLK Student Union — 2nd floor, Information Desk

Visit the UCPath website for more information.

  • Sign up for CalPath Connect Newsletter: Subscribe from the website, newsletter page
  • Send an email for general or functional items