CAORC announces the call for applications for the Kaplan Responsive Preservation Initiative. The program is designed to aid in the preservation of the cultural heritage resources associated with multiple archaeological sites in countries within American overseas research centers’ networks.

For this application cycle, CAORC actively encourages proposals that seek to undertake emergency cultural heritage preservation and documentation efforts within Yemen. Such preservation efforts may include conservation interventions for architecture and artifacts, on-site salvage work, documentation campaigns, as well as key presentation and management strategies in select situational contexts. The Responsive Preservation Initiative emphasizes the need to record, preserve, consolidate, and protect heritage sites that are in immediate danger or under urgent and critical threat.


  • Professionals of any nationality working to preserve archaeological sites and related CHRs in countries where permanent American overseas research centers’ networks exist are encouraged to apply. For this cycle, CAORC is especially seeking eligible applicants with proposals focused on the preservation of Yemeni cultural heritage, preferably with key support and involvement from local Yemeni stakeholders. Individuals or teams may apply for funding. Biographies for all team members must be included in the proposal
  • Proposed projects should address critical, emergency heritage preservation issues that need to be addressed quickly
  • Projects may propose a time-bound intervention in any one of the following countries: Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, Turkey, and Yemen; for this application cycle, projects based in Yemen will receive the highest priority.

Proposals will be selected by a Scientific Review Committee composed of experts in cultural heritage preservation. Proposals will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Significance of the site
  • Need/urgency for project
  • Project conceptualization and design
  • Availability of human and physical resources
  • Methodologies for proposed work
  • Critical review and assessment procedures
  • Aspects of local capacity-building and integrated sustainability
  • Fiduciary planning and accountability
  • Documentation, publication and interpretive/presentation strategies

DeadlineApplication deadline is June 1, 2018. Contact CAORC with questions, via email, or by phone 202-633-1599. Visit the CAORC website for more information.