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In this 3 part workshop series, we will provide an introduction to spatial analyses in R. We discuss the benefits of the additional ‘location’ component that defines spatial data and how spatial dataframes organize this information. Using the sf (simple features) and terra packages, we’ll navigate fundamental operations for reading, writing, manipulating, and visualizing spatial data.

Some of the key topics we’ll cover include:

  • Understanding different types of spatial data (points, lines, polygons, raster)
  • Using appropriate coordinate reference systems Implementing classification schemes (equal intervals, quantiles and natural breaks) for improved data visualization
  • Conducting spatial measurement queries (distance from, intersections, buffers, and finding nearest features)
  • Employing visualization techniques (overlay plotting, interactive maps)
  • Performing combined vector-raster analysis (zonal statistics)

This workshop aims to equip participants with the fundamentals needed to conduct spatial analyses for their various endeavors.

Date & Time

March 11, 2024
9:00am - 11:00am


Online via Zoom





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