The application for the University of California Hispanic-Serving Institutions Initiative (UC-HSI) Research Apprenticeship Program (UC-HSI RAP) is now open! Applications are due no later than January 15, 2022,11:59 PM PT. Apply here.

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The UC-HSI Initiative’s Inaugural Research Apprenticeship Program (UC-HSI RAP) aims to support junior scholars in the UC who focus their dissertation research on Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs). The goal of this program is to support and strengthen the future generations of UC HSI scholars, leaders, and administrators who focus on equity issues in the context of HSIs.

Specifically, UC-HSI RAP aims to:

  • Support dissertation research on HSIs
  • Strengthen professional development for academic, practitioner, policy, and/or advocate-focused careers
  • Engage in peer learning and mentorship in writing and research development
  • Foster opportunities for mentorship with UC and non-UC HSI scholars, leaders, and advocates

This will be accomplished through a series of activities such as:

  • Funding for dissertation research
  • Professional development workshops
  • Writing development workshops
  • Mentorship and networking with HSI scholars, practitioners, and advocates

To be eligible, interested applicants must:

  • Be a currently enrolled doctoral student in a UC campus
  • Have advanced to candidacy at the time of application
  • Have a dissertation focus on HSIs

The program will run from March-August 2022. Applications are due January 15, 2022, no later than 11:59 PM PT. To apply click here.