Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Services

(510) 642-4971 |

  • Manages the staff and overall operations in the Admissions,¬†Fellowships, Appointments, and Degrees units
  • Implements new policies and executes changes to existing policies related to graduate student services
  • Liaison to the Graduate Council
  • Approves exceptions as delegated by the Associate Deans to policies and regulations and makes recommendations to the Director of Academic Affairs and Associate Deans on specific issues or cases
  • Advises departments and students on issues of probation, lapsing, and dismissal, and sensitive student matters
  • Oversees processes to ensure compliance of students and department administrators with existing requirements and policies related to academic progress, enrollment, appointment eligibility, terms of financial awards, admissions procedures
  • Develops communication plans and schedules trainings and informational sessions to inform and educate campus academic departments, administrative offices, and outside agencies
  • Represents the student services unit to the campus community and relevant external constituencies

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