The Faculty Group in Asian Studies administers an interdisciplinary program leading to an M.A. degree. Utilizing the faculty and facilities of the entire university, this degree program cuts across conventional disciplinary lines and emphasizes a basic core of knowledge concerning one particular geographic area of Asia. Within this core, which requires course work in multiple departments and reading knowledge of at least one Asian language, the regionally-oriented students have the flexibility to design a cross-disciplinary individual program according to their interests and approaches. No two programs are alike, and students work closely with the Student Affairs office and with a faculty mentor in designing their customized academic plan. The group is supported in its efforts by the Institute of East Asian Studies, and Interdisciplinary Social Science Programs (ISSP), under the College of Letters and Science.

The University of California at Berkeley has long been noted for its outstanding scholarship in the area of Asian Studies. Faculty from across campus in numerous disciplines are presently engaged in teaching and research concerning Asia. Our students take classes in such disciplines as Anthropology, Buddhist Studies, Film/Media Studies, History, Journalism, Literature, Political Science, Religion, South/Southeast Asian Studies, Sociology, and other fields in the humanities and social sciences.

These resources are supplemented by extensive library facilities and by the programs of six major area centers that offer lecture series and colloquia throughout the year. The Bay Area itself, with its diverse communities, museums, performing arts, religious institutions, and thriving financial and technological sectors provides unlimited cultural opportunities for the student interested in reaching beyond the confines of the university.