On Thursday, March 12, UC Berkeley’s annual 24-hour fundraising campaign kicks off and we could use your help. Big Give, designed to celebrate all that makes Berkeley special, provides thousands of alumni, current students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends an opportunity to show some school spirit and support Cal for years to come.

Providing monetary gifts to aid schools, colleges and programs across the university is just a small portion of what this day is really about. Collaboration is a key component of Big Give — coming together as a unit to support a common goal under the guise of friendly competition makes this day so unique.

To maximize efforts to support graduate students at Cal, the Graduate Division will be teaming up with the Graduate Assembly (GA) to improve the lives of UC Berkeley graduate students and to foster a vibrant, inclusive graduate student community. In support of each and every graduate student at Cal, the Graduate Division will be focusing on supporting the Graduate Student Experience Fund during this year’s Big Give. 

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Share a quote, story or image in advance!
    We’re collecting quotes from UC Berkeley graduate students in advance of March 12. If you can spare 5 minutes, please let us know what makes Cal special and why you think donors should support graduate education. Fill out this Google form to share your thoughts.
  2. Make a gift!
    Our goal is to increase participation, and any amount helps! Donate in advance here or during Big Give using this link.
  3. Share, retweet or repost on our social media channels.
    We know many graduate students can’t afford to make a donation. Help us amplify our message by sharing our content — be sure to tag #CalBigGive and #GoBigforGrads for the greatest impact.

Gifts made toward the Graduate Student Experience Fund will assist students with health education and wellness, housing, parenting support, community engagement, and professional development.

Not only will donations support the Graduate Student Experience Fund, but a portion of the proceeds will be funneled into the GA’s Student Opportunity and Success (S.O.S.) Fund. 

Many of you have supported the Graduate Division’s Big Give campaigns in the past and we are grateful for your continued support. We invite you, both past and future donors, to learn a little more about Big Give, the Graduate Assembly, and the Graduate Student Experience Fund.

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