The Rowland Institute was originally founded by the late Edwin H. Land in 1980 as The Rowland Institute for Science, a privately endowed, nonprofit, basic research organization, conceived to advance science in a wide variety of fields. The Rowland Junior Fellows Program lies at the heart of the Institute: A program dedicated to experimental science over a broad range of disciplines for young investigators. Current research is carried out in physics, chemistry, biophysics, and biology, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary work and the development of new experimental tools. The Institute is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts near the Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River, a few miles downstream from the main campus.

The Rowland Fellowship provides an excellent opportunity to pursue new research ideas. The pursuit of new ideas is facilitated through a flexible and agile environment. The Fellowship provides laboratory space, funding for equipment, personnel, and general operations. Staff scientists and engineers work with the Rowland Fellows to design and fabricate new experiments. Additional shared facilities are also available through Harvard University. The base stipend for the Rowland Fellows is $73,000 per annum with increases based on completed years of experience beyond their Ph.D.

The application deadline is August 17, 2018. The selection process will be completed in October 2018 after two stages of interviews in September. See the Rowland Institute website for application information.

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