The Fung Fellowship is hiring advanced graduate students to join our team as Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) starting Spring 2021 for 25% positions for two upper level undergraduate student courses: (1) Health + Tech and (2) Conservation +Tech

  1. Health+Tech: Fellows (i.e., the students) work in teams to develop digital technology solutions and innovations to address real world public health challenges paired with partner organizations. Lecture: Tuesdays 5:00pm – 7:00pm Lab Sections: TBD
  2. Conservation+Tech: Fellows work in teams to develop digital technology solutions and innovations to address real world biodiversity challenges paired with partner organizations. Lecture: Wednesdays 5:00pm – 7:00pm Lab Sections: TBD

For the Health and Conservation courses the position will require the GSIs to: 1) attend one two-hour lecture per week; 2) lead multiple weekly lab sessions; and 3) provide mentoring and support for student project teams. For all courses, the GSIs will work closely with the Fung Fellowship’s Lecturer and Program team to structure the lab time in a way that facilitates integration of classroom and community-based learning to drive digital technology innovations within the Fellows’ project teams.

Our GSIs are motivated students with professional experience who provide feedback and mentoring to the Fung Fellows. Our GSIs support Fellows in working as highly functioning design teams with a breadth of understanding in innovation, public health/conservation, digital technology, and product design. You’ll be expected to draw on your prior professional and academic experience to design the lab sessions and ensure students tie the design concepts learned in class to their hands-on project work. This is a great opportunity for you to make an impact with an eager group of talented and diverse undergrads.

Required Qualifications:

  • Teaching experience and experience mentoring student team projects.
  • Experience owning and delivering on several projects simultaneously.
  • Experience working and/or teaching in one of the following two environments:
    • Public Health innovations, with an emphasis on tech or data
    • Conservation/Biodiversity  innovations, with an emphasis on tech or data
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, including the ability to collaborate with a diverse teaching and program team in digital and in-person environments
  • Desire to work with diverse groups of undergraduate students
  • Interest in public health or biodiversity conservation, leadership, technology, and teaming.
  • Interest in contributing to curriculum development and materials.
  • Takes initiative and self-motivated individuals with the ability to work independently.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior experience in research or working at the intersection of health or conservation and technology.
  • Professional interest in ABD PhD candidates with a flexible schedule (Note: we also hire excellent second-year masters students.)

How to Apply:

  1. Learn more about the program at:
  2. Please apply by completing this online application form:
  3. The application form also includes an email link for submitting your CV
  4. We will begin interviewing candidates on a rolling basis and would like to find a good fit by the end of November. Questions? Please contact Jennifer Mangold at [email protected] or 510-642-0457

The Fung Fellowship ( offers a sustained innovation experience for undergraduates working in interdisciplinary teams alongside community and industry partners. Fellows develop as leaders and innovators as they design breakthrough technology solutions to society’s most pressing health and conservation challenges.

Our program celebrates the role of diversity in accelerating innovation with the goal of broadening access to innovation and tech on the UC Berkeley campus. We define diversity broadly to include identity, gender, race, ethnicity, age and expand to include discipline, life experience, skills, perspectives, and cognitive diversity. We recruit students underserved in this space and across majors. To date, our Fellowship demographic profile make up is 69% racial and ethnically underserved, 59% women, 27% first-generation, 22% transfer, and 17% veterans.

As staff of the Fung Institute, WE are committed to:

  • Serve students first.We prioritize improving, enhancing, and supporting the student experience.

  • Help each other succeed. We go the extra mile, proactively share information, and support each other with a bias to action. The success of one is the success of all.

  • Have a growth mindset. We question the status quo, are open to new ideas, and seek innovative ways of working.

  • Speaking-up. We actively contribute, ask for help, and voice what’s on our minds. We communicate why and how decisions are made.

  • Inclusion.We seek diversity, create opportunities, and make space for everyone to be idea generators, problem solvers, and decision-makers.

  • Accountability. We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards —as servants of students, the university, and the public.